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  1. An Intro to Regex

    Wed 10 May 2017

    alt text

    How to Talk to your Analysts about Regex

    Alex Viana - 05/05/17

    The following is a presentation I gave to some non-techincal collegues at work to help them get started on reading and writing regex expressions. Sharing in case others find it useful as well.

    Regular Expressions (Regexs) are ...

  2. What The F*ck Is The Internet Vol. 1: Bits, Encoding, Packets, and Protocols

    Fri 17 March 2017

    I organize a weekly series of tech talks at work. It's a good way to stay up on what technologies people are using in and out of the office. Recently, I've started presenting at these talks on various computer science fundamentals I was never exposed to in college ...

  3. Special Methods in Python

    Wed 15 March 2017

    This post is intended to accompany a presentation I gave to the Baltimore Python Meetup on Wednesday, March 15th 2017.

    This post assumes some familiarity with object-oriented programming as it relates to classes and inheritance in Python.

    The purpose of this post is to explore Python's special methods, also ...