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  1. Fitting 2D Gaussians with agpy

    Thu 30 January 2014

    Update 01/30/2014: Adam has split his gaussfitter code off into it's own GitHub repository here ("PR's Welcome!"). This removes some dependencies and changes the import statement but as of right now everything else is the same. I've maintained the old links to the original agpy ...

  2. The First Thousand PSFs

    Wed 20 November 2013

    In my last post on my PSF Project I characterized the PSF shape by fitting a 1-D Gaussian to the a row and column slice through the central pixel. In this post I start to think about how to characterize entire images with thousands of stars.

    Adding Some Zeros

    Many ...

  3. Counting to 10 Million Stars

    Mon 18 November 2013

    I've started a new project working with 10 million stellar PSFs. In my first few steps in the project I performed some model fitting and made a pretty visualization of the individual data points.

    My New (Little) Big Data Project

    I am starting a new project that I'm ...